I am a failure. Almost all the things I do is not effective or not doing well. In terms of my career I am still jobless, and I have difficulty finding one. I have applied to many companies and end up getting rejected all the time. I do not know what to do anymore.

My self-esteem went rock bottom. I really want to have a career. I know deep inside that I am a hard worker and I am a reliable person. But why am I not landing any job. What is wrong with me? I have followed all the rules in the books on how to dress, act and talk on job interviews and I am sure I have followed it perfectly but still I failed of landing a decent job.

I have read on a website that there is a thing called career counseling. This a great way to talk to a counselor to help with the career you want to choose. I searched for one cause I myself wants to be counseled and I need it badly. I search again for a counselor near my area. I found one Meister Counseling a counseling center based in Tulsa. It was managed by Michael.

At first, I was hesitant to open my problem, but Mike was so professional that it was easy talking with him. He helped me overcome my fears and hesitations when ever I have a job interview. He helped me a lot in terms of gaining confidence and the therapy worked. As time goes by, I gained confidence just by following the things that he taught me. He also inculcated the thought that it is ok to fail and if I fail used as a fuel to my next job interview.

I trust newfound confidence and renewed hope that career counseling gave me, that it will help me pursue whatever career I want.