How I Fought My Acne

I am on puberty when I got acne. It is so severe that I can help but feel depressed about it. Sometimes I got to stare so long, thinking what I can do to fight this condition. I have tried everything, you name it I tried applying things to my face, drink things also. But to no avail, my acne got worse and worse to the point that its like there is no space anymore in my face that they can grow.

Desperate on an answer I tried to consult a dermatologist near our place. When I got there, I was lucky to be entertained right away. The lady dermatologist was accommodating. She told me that I am still lucky that my condition is still mild comparing to the ones she had encountered. She told me that acne is mostly because of hormones. She explained that is usually occurs on my age and can continue until I am an adult.

More Explanation

She explained that most women get to experience acne that men. She added further that acne cannot only grow on your face, but it can also grow in the different parts of the body like the back, neck and chest area. She reiterated that it is extremely advice not to use make up that is oil-based cause it can aggravate the condition that I currently have. She added that it is best that my face should be free from things like hair and other things can cause friction and agitate my skin further.

She also explained that if your family has a history of having acne, there is a greater chance that you will get one too. She advised me to clean my face gently by using a mild soap and clean water. I should also towel dry my face by doing it gently and avoid so much rubbing.